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Top 5 Hosting Sites Where You Should Host Your Site


Choosing the right hosting provider is tricky.

You can't rely on something where your site will stay down regularly.

This may spoil the whole business plan for you.

So, choosing the right hosting service is as important as your business strategy.

For your convenience, we have made a list of top 5 hosting services.

Before making the list, we have signed up for more than 25 renowned hosting companies and tested for different parameters such as the uptime, loading time, customer support, starting cost, and more.

After analyzing the test result and experienced customer support, finally, we have chosen the best 5 hosting companies where you should host your site.

5 Best Website Hosting Providers


  • Namecheap

Besides selling domains, Namecheap also has an affordable hosting plan.

If you are new in the business and can't afford huge pricing, should start with this platform.

The minimum cost for hosting is $1.28 per month.

This is the best hosting service for money.

They have 99.86% uptime and has amazing customer support.

For instance, you need to migrate the site to different hosting planning, their expert team will do it for you without any charge.

Moreover, they have free backups. Setting your site is very easy with them and the user panel is easy to understand. As a starter, Namecheap is great.


  • Bluehost

No matter who is making the list of best hosting providers, he will keep Bluehost in the list.

The reason is, they provide the best hosting service at a competitive price.

They ensure 99.99% uptime for your site and the loading speed is only 0.41ms which is quite impressive.

If you are planning a long term business, there is no alternative to Bluehost.

For the best value planning, you can take their 3-year planning where you will spend $2.75/month and the package includes a free domain, website builder, one-click WordPress install and more.

They use the built-in admin panel for users which makes it easier to maintain and manage the sites.

All of their packages come with a free SSL certificate.

If you want to migrate your old website to Bluehost, you can take expert help only for $149.

They have amazing customer support. Also, they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Hostgator

Hostgator is also popular like Bluehost.

Their offers are great for WordPress users.

According to last 16 months test result, they have 99.98% uptime.

Their plans have unlimited bandwidth, emails, and storage space.

You will get a free SSL certificate with all the price planning.

No matter if you are struggling with some issues, their dedicated customer service is always ready to serve you.

You can start with their hatchling plan which will cost $2.75/month.

The best thing is, if you want to migrate your old website from another hosting to Hostgator, their expert team will do it for you for free.


  • A2hosting

While most of the hosting plans are good for some specific Content Management Systems (CMS), A2hosting is offering their plans for almost all CMSs.

They have 99.2% uptime and loads within 0.34ms.

You can start with the shared hosting planning which costs only $2.96/month.

If you become satisfied with their service, can upgrade to the other plans.

They ensure the best customer support with live chat and phone call support.

There are no issues if you want to migrate to them from another hosting.

You can ask for free support and they will complete it for free.

However, for the basic package, they have 1 website restriction.


  • Interserver hosting

Interserver is best for moderate traffic.

If you are working with affiliation or AdSense, you should choose their hosting plan.

Their uptime is 99.96% and loads within 74s.

You can start with them only at $5/month.

This web hosting service provider is best for security.

If you don't want to lose your commission from your affiliate business, they are the best suit for you. It blocks all web attacks.

Another amazing feature is, there is no up price policy with them.

Once you choose a plan, the pricing will be the same forever.

So, you can pre-calculate your costing for hosting.

Our Recommendation

Though all these 5 hosting service providers are doing great in the market, if you ask for our recommendation,

we will suggest picking one from Bluehost, Hostgator, or Interserver hosting.

Comparing to other hosting services, they have more attractive packages with excellent customer service.