Shipping Delays Average 2-4 days Due To COVID-19 | 50% Off On!
Shipping Delays Average 2-4 days Due To COVID-19 | 50% Off On!

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Limited Time Special Deal | Save $2000+ 50% Off

Today's Limited Time Special Deal

Save $2000 Today, Special 50% Off, FREE Shipping, 10 FREE Bonuses & 365 Day Money Back Guarantee, Instant Customer Support & More!

See What Can Patriot Power Generator 1500 Power?

Modern life is so dependent on technology so that a small blackout can cause huge disasters. And blackouts are not as rare as you're thinking. It can happen anytime. So it's always wise to have an alternative power source always ready to go. There's where power generators come in.

Different Types Of Power Generator 

When it comes to power generators, there's a lot of options available out there. There's gasoline powered generators and also solar power generators. Although gasoline powered generators are popular but at the same time they can be deadly.

They release carbon monoxide, an odourless, tasteless but very harmful gas which can cause deadly hazards. Statistics also prove that.

According to CDC, 430 deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning every year. On the other hand, solar powered generators are way more safer than these. They produce the same amount of power but without those harmful effects of a gasoline powered generators.

So if you're thinking about buying a power generator and getting confused about which one to buy, we bought the perfect solution for you. It's called the Patriot Power Generator. Let's check it out.

What Is Patriot Power Generator 1500

Patriot power generator 1500 is an alternative power source which can save you from disasters during power outages. The power generator is solar powered and is designed by the leading experts of the field. So you don't have to worry about the quality and durability of it.

As we know that emergency situations can arrive at any moment, so such a reliable, portable and efficient alternative power source can be life saving for you in such situations.

Comparison With The Other Power Generator On The Market

Among hundreds of different options available in the market, what makes Patriot power generator different from the others? What puts it one step forward? Well most of the power generators are powered by gasoline.

As we mentioned before gasoline powered generators can be very harmful for you. Also they create fumes and a lot of noise. During emergency situations, you have to depend on the availability and price of gasoline to make them work. And gasoline powered generators themselves are quite expensive.

On the other hand, patriot power generator is a smart alternative for you. As it's solar powered, you don't have to worry about any of those hassles. It's portable and efficient so that you can use it at any situations. Also you can also charge it with electricity and it comes fully assembled, full charged, ready to go.

A very special feature of the patriot power generator is its battery. The lithium ion phosphate battery. As a result of the research and collaborative effort of the leading engineers, this battery has come up as one of the most advanced batteries up to date.

It's chemically and thermally super stable and has no risk of overheating or igniting. Within its 2000 charging cycles, it fully charges up within 3 to 5 hours and can hold the charge for up to 12 months. These are the very special and unique things about the patriot power generator which makes it the best choice for you.

What Battery Capacity Has The Patriot Power Generator 1500 & what is the AC Max Power Output?

The Patriot Power Generator battery, which runs on DC power, has a full capacity of 600 watt-hours (12 volts/50 amp-hours) and will be able to provide that full capacity to any DC device connected to it.

When you are using the generator to power a device using the AC 120V outlets, the generator’s battery must use a portion of its capacity to convert its native DC power into AC 120V power, meaning the battery has a slightly shorter life while running AC devices.

Yet the Patriot Power Generator battery uses one of the most efficient conversion processes available to keep the generator working at an impressive 90.8% capacity (545 watthours) while using the AC 120V outlet.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Review

See What Can Patriot Power Generator 1500 Power?

The Engineering Behind the Patriot Power Generator

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Setup Video

How To Add Solar Panel With Patriot Power Generator 1500

Unboxing Your Patriot Power Generator! No Assembly Required!

What Special Bonus You Will Get?

You get a number of amazing and super useful bonuses coming along with the patriot power generator. They include the following -

  1. A blackout response guide
  2. 72 hours survival tool kit
  3. A 25 feet solar panel extension cord
  4. A generator survival checklist
  5. Survival spring personal water filter
  6. A report on "3 hidden dangers of smart grids"
  7. Slash your power bills playing cards
  8. A report on "Top 7 reasons why the grids will fail"
  9. Survival multi tool
  10. Free shipping

Why Patriot Power Generator 1500 Is The Best In The Market?

  • No assembly required, as a result you can get power quickly in emergency situations.
  • Patriot Power Generator 1500 can hold a full battery charge up to 1 year with a maximum power leakage of 20% which is far better than its competitors.
  • Patriot Power Generator has 2,000 charging cycles which is higher than any other power generators in the market.
  • It can be fully charged within only 3.5 hours which is very fast.
  • You will get free shipping, a 25-foot solar panel extension cord, 72 hours’ emergency survival food kit, advanced personal water filter, playing cards and a bunch of other very useful bonuses.
  • Reasonably priced compared to other power generators in the market.

These are the main reasons which make the Patriot Power Generator 1500 the best in the market right now. There’s no best deal for the price in the market right now.

What Real Customer Are Saying About Patriot Power Generator 1500?

What People Are Saying About Patriot Power Generator?

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Patriot Power Generator 1500?

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a portable solar generator that will provide electricity to a variety of critical devices and equipment in the event of a power outage. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 contains a lithium-iron- phosphate battery that is rated for 2,000+ life cycles and holds a charge for up to 12 months with a minimum charge retention of 80%.

(We recommend that you charge it every six months for optimal performance). It is much quieter than a gas/diesel generator and has no emissions. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is portable and small enough to take virtually anywhere.

What is Included With My Patriot Power Generator 1500?

Your new Patriot Power Generator 1500 will come with the generator unit, a 100-watt foldable solar panel to charge your unit and a 25-foot extension cord for ease of placing the solar panel outside while the generator is inside.

It also comes with a multitude of bonus items including a Survival Essentials Kit (72-hour emergency food supply, 11-in-1 survival tool and a Survival Spring for purifying water), a deck of playing cards listing 52 ways to Save Power, and four hard-copy reports titled, The Three Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid, The Top 7 Reasons the Power Grid Will Fail, Your Complete Survival Checklist, and The Blackout Response Guide. The Patriot Power Generator ships FREE to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.

What Can I Run on My Patriot Power Generator 1500?

The Patriot Power Generator has a unique Sine Inverter which powers two 120V AC outlets, four USB outlets, one 12V DC cigarette lighter outlet and one 12V DC Anderson outlet. Here are some examples of what you can run using these outlets:

Power your 5 cubic foot freezer indefinitely, so you can have a long-lasting supply of food that’s safe to eat. Not to mention, use it to power your slow cooker, toaster oven or even your coffee maker.
Power enough lights for safety and comfort.
Recharge your cell phones, computers, tablets and radios so you can communicate with friends and family and stay informed.

Power critical home medical devices, such as portable oxygen equipment, infusion pumps, CPAP machines, mobility devices or monitoring equipment.
Power an electric blanket so you stay warm at night.
And so much more!

How Long Will My Patriot Power Generator 1500 Keep Me Protected?

The generator will last for 2,000+ life cycles and will retain its charge for up to 12 months with a minimum charge retention of 80%. We recommend you charge the unit every six months for optimum performance.

How Will This Product Be Shipped To Me and How Quickly?

Your Patriot Power Generator 1500 and bonus items will come to you from our USA-based warehouse and we expect them to reach your door within 10-14 business days of you placing your order. Please note that your order will consist of multiple boxes with varying weight and shipping requirements and may arrive on different days. Your generator will be delivered via UPS Ground with a signature required at the time of delivery.

How Long Will Today's Special Pricing Be Available?

We are unable to guarantee today’s pricing beyond today. Our pricing frequently changes due to the constantly changing shipping regulations and government red tape. Also, with recent disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, owning a personal generator is increasingly popular which may result in decreased supply throughout the market. To guarantee our lowest pricing, be sure to secure your order today.

What If This Product Doesn't Work For Me?

While we feel that the Patriot Power Generator is the top-rated product in the industry, if for any reason at all you are dissatisfied just let us know within 365 days and we will arrange for you to return it for a 100% refund.

365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Patriot Power Generator 1500 comes with 365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. if you are not happy with patriot power generator 1500 then you can easily return your product within 365 days.

The patriot power generator is one of the most advanced and powerful power generators up to date. It has been around for a while and has built quite a reputation among the customers by it's amazing features and advanced tech used.
Within this reasonable price tag, this super advanced power generator is pure gold.

So if you think you should be prepared for an emergency situation like power outage and if you're looking to purchase the best power generator to support the cause, then the Patriot Power Generator 1500 is definitely the way to go.

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