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Shipping Delays Average 2-4 days Due To COVID-19 | 50% Off On!

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✔What is HB-5?

HB5 may act as a powerful fat-burning formula on the wide weight loss plateau. It is made up of thirteen natural ingredients to start the weight loss journey.

The use of HB-5 has a wide array of benefits. From lifting brain fog to shedding pounds, it may do all. However, HB-5 is specifically designed to:

Balance hormones to trim off excess fat Improve skin complexion by brightening and smoothening it Fix mood and revitalize energy levels

HB-5 is backed up by cutting-edge scientific studies. (Visit this website to have a look at the research used while formulating HB-5). Sam had a major transformation after following Dr. Wood’s HB-5 formula. Head on to the next heading to see how it works.

✔How Does HB-5 Works?

✔Working Mechanism of HB-5

With age, hormone levels greatly fluctuate in the body, which often results in weight gain. HB-5 provides a base to five hormonal blocks that promise to help almost anyone to achieve an optimal weight. The supplement works on:


T3 and T4 are the two thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism. Lack of thyroid hormones in the body increases fat storage, causing brain fog, and increased fatigue. HB-5 claims to have ingredients rich in iodine to regulate the function of the thyroid gland. The majority of the people these days lack iodine, and therefore, fail to have a sufficient amount of T3 and T4 in their blood.


Continuous stress can lead to erratic levels of cortisol in the body, which results in the poor working of metabolism, brain, and immune system. With Rhodiola Rosea and Red Ginseng root extract, HB-5 may work by lowering cortisol levels and the building-up of white harmful visceral fat naturally in the body. He has also included B12 and Bladderwrack to accelerate the benefits of HB-5.


Increased levels of estrogen are one of the most common reasons for women’s weight gain. To fix this issue, the author recommends supplementing the diet with diindolylmethane. HB-5 contains vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower that are rich in DIM.


The above mentioned four hormonal blocks when start putting on weight, it increases leptin production. Although leptin is the fullness hormone, increased levels of leptin can cause the brain to ignore its message. This causes the user to binge on all the wrong foods.

✔HB-5 Supplement Ingredients

This Advanced Weight Loss Supplement is enriched with a number of great ingredients that make it one of the best weight loss supplements. Let’s see what these are:

Kelp –  This ingredient works wonders for the thy by roxin hormone. It is naturally derived.

Magnesium – This is a crucial mineral and its presence is vital for the health of the thyroid gland.

Zinc –  Zinc regulates the brain’s reception of the thy by roxin hormone.

Iodine-rich seaweed – This is an important part of the HB-5.

Rhodiola rosea extract – This helps manage the quantity of cortisol.

Red Ginseng – This improves the brain’s reception of the cortisol hormone.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) – This regulates the quantity of estrogen hormone in women.

Cinnamon – This ingredient works magically for correcting the ins by ulin levels in the blood. It also counters in by sulin resistance.

African mango – This ingredient regulates the leptin levels.


✔Why is HB-5 Hormonal Harmony Unique?

Hormonal harmony hb-5 targets the very thing that most diets and weight loss plans miss. General weight loss methods do not account for the hormonal blocks and imbalances but this advanced hormone balance support does that right away. Let’s take a look at all the benefits that it imparts on us:

  • It helps in swift and easy weight loss which can be achieved without too much dieting and gymming.
  • It helps in balancing all the distinct hormones of the body.
  • This weight loss supplement helps in improving the complexion.
  • It gives an even-toned skin that glows from within.
  • It helps enhance mood.
  • Most people experience a surge in energy levels.
  • It helps improve cognition and rule out brain fog

✔What Real Customers Saying About HB-5?

✔Are There Any Side Effects?

As all the ingredients used in Hormonal harmony hb-5 are natural and unadulterated, they perform the best possible actions on the body.

This supplement is manufactured with proper care and every batch is analyzed for quality. If even a minute defect is found in any bottle, it is discarded immediately.

According to extensive research, the human body adjusts wonderfully to it and shows no signs or symptoms of side effects.

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

If after using it you do not get desired results, we will give back your money. We present to you 180 days money back guarantee. All you have to do is contact us within 180 days of buying Hormonal harmony.

By now you are surely eager to buy Hormonal harmony hb-5 and why won’t you be? After all, this hormone balance support supplement is about to help you lose all that extra weight. So don’t wait a moment more and avail the best offer right now. Buy your bottle today



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