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Shipping Delays Average 2-4 days Due To COVID-19 | 50% Off On!

Food4Patriots | Free 72 Hour Survival Food Kit

What is Food4Patriots Free 72 Hour Survival Food Kit?

Food4Patriots is one of the very best survival food kits available in the market right now. It contains nutritious meals which are tested and effective in emergency situations. This is produced by a company called 4Patriots LLC which is very well reputed for their high quality survival products and survival foods.

Available Options Of Food4Patriots

The best part about the Food4Patriots survival food kit is you have several options to choose from. They offer a range of different tasty and nutritious survival foods which you can try. The food options are the following-

  • Blue Ribbon creamy chicken rice
  • Summer’s best corn chowder
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Granny’s Home style potato soup
  • Traveler’s stew
  • Maple grove oatmeal
  • Honey coated banana chips

But that’s not all. Besides the food options, you also get to choose the quantity of foods which you want to prepare. There are food kits of different types and quantity such as-

  • 1 Week Food Kit
  • 4 Week Food Kit
  • 3 Month Food Kit
  • 1 year food kit
  • Deluxe Coffee Kit
  • Fruit, veggie and snacks kit
  • Meat and Protein Kit

Ingredients of The Food4Patriots Free 72 Hour Kit

As the Food4Patriots offers different packages with a a range of different foods to choose from, so there’s a lot of ingredients used in it. Let’s check out a few of them.
1 week kit- Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes-

  • Potato flakes, cornstarch, chicken soup base, chopped onion, chicken flavor, parsley flakes.
  • Maple Grove Oatmeal-100% natural rolled oats, sugar, creamer, maple flavor, brown sugar, salt.
  • Granny’s Home Style Potato Soup-Potato dices, creamer, enriched bleached flour, chicken bouillon, salt, sugar, yeast extract, sweet whey, turmeric, garlic powder, caramel color, dehydrated onion, potato flakes, cornstarch, onion chopped, onion powder, parsley flakes.

Benefits Of Food4Patriots Free 72 Hour Kit

So why should you take the Food4Patriots? Which are the benefits? Well, there are some amazing benefits of the Food4Patriots which make it stand out from the others. They’re the following-

  1. First of all, the taste. No matter how nutritious the food is, if it doesn’t taste good we don’t feel like eating it. And most of the survival foods don’t taste good. In this case, the scenario is completely different. All the packages of the Food4Patriots taste delicious.
  2. The ingredients are the most vital part of a survival food kit. It needs to contain all the necessary elements for your body. Thankfully, the Food4Patriots contains top class nutritious elements which are perfect to keep you alive and kicking in emergency situations.
  3. The Food4Patriots has already built up a very good reputation among the customers. The user reviews are very positive and people seem to love this product very much.
  4. Finally, the customer service. The customer service of the Food4Patriots is high class. The representatives are very friendly and helpful. They’re promised to answer all of your product related questions and provide you all the necessary support.

Unboxing Food4Patriots 72 Hour Kit

New Plan Of Food4Patriots

What Customers Saying About Food4Patriots

Side Effects Of Food4Patriots Free 72 Hour Kit

There are no known side effects of the Food4Patriots so far. The customer reviews have been very good and no negative impact has been reported yet. But if you’re allergic to any ingredients of it, then you should avoid it.

365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Food4patriots survival food Offers 365 days 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with Food4patriots survival food you can simply return within 365 days. no question asked.

 If you face any kind of payment issue like failed payment or overcharged from your card, please contact with food4patrios team: 

Phone: 1-800-728-0008



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